Business valuation issues arise in several common situations in an entrepreneur’s journey. Common business transactions, succession planning, estate planning, and a variety of other transactions all require business valuation expertise and attention. Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this session:

  • Why entrepreneurs and their advisors should be aware of the need to properly value their business

  • Common myths in business valuation and common business transactions that require careful business valuation considerations

  • Gifts of property – such as shares of private corporations – amongst non-arm’s-length parties must occur at FMV. What is FMV? Does it vary based on who the donor and donee are?

  • Commercial goodwill vs personal goodwill

  • “Do I really need to hire a business valuator? They’re expensive!” If I have to, what's the most cost-effective way to do it?

  • Bill C-208 requires the taxpayer to provide CRA with an independent assessment of the fair market value of the subject shares and an affidavit signed by the taxpayer and by a third party attesting to the disposal of the shares. What does this mean?

  • The role of the advisor in the valuation process

  • Has the low interest rate environment affected business valuations? How could future tax changes such as a capital gains increase impact business valuations?

  • The role of shareholders' agreements

  • With the expectation or increased interest rates, is there a benefit to acting quickly for specific types of internal transactions?

Guest Speaker

Melanie Russell, B. Comm., CPA, CA, CBV, CIM, CFE, CFF, ABV

Melanie is the founder of Kalex Valuations Inc. and began professional practice in 1985, which includes several years of industry experience. Throughout her professional career she has been involved in many assignments for a variety of public and private companies of various sizes and across many industries. Ms. Russell has been active in teaching business valuations and related topics since 1987 at various universities and professional organizations, and runs the premiere preparatory course for CBV students in Canada taking their national Membership Qualification Examination. She has written various articles, taught professional courses and had many public speaking engagements on matters relating to business and asset valuations and related topics. Ms. Russell has qualified as an expert witness in the Federal Court of Canada, the Supreme Court of B.C., the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ontario Superior Court, the Federal Court of Canada, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (“CPAO”, formerly Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario)’s Discipline Committee (which determines whether members should be charged with offences as brought by the CPAO’s Professional Conduct Committee) and the Investment Dealers’ Association. She has qualified as an expert in the areas of business/asset valuation, quantification of damages, income determination and forensic accounting. She has also acted as an accounting expert in arbitration, mediation, mediation/arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings (e.g., collaborative practice), and negotiated a number of buy/sell transactions. She recently co-authored a book with Dr. Howard Johnson entitled: Understanding Valuation Reports - A Guide for Legal Professionals, published by Thomson Reuters.
Melanie Russell, B. Comm., CPA, CA, CBV, CIM, CFE, CFF, ABV

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    Notification of key tax developments related to the topic

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  • Professional Development

    Individuals that complete the quiz will receive a 1-hour PD certificate