Further to our webinar on the Underused Housing Tax, we received an overwhelming amount of detailed questions. For answers, here's your opportunity to ask how our expert panel would handle detailed scenarios. You get access to the Q&A library, and may submit one question (about the legislation, filing process, or the unique scenario details) to our expert panel and receive a video reply. All questions will be shared so you can see the answers to questions that others have asked.

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Meet our Guest Instructor

Guest Instructor

Evan Crocker

Evan has focused on tax since the beginning of his accounting career, where he started out providing compliance services for owner-managed businesses and the related personal and trust compliance. He now provides tax strategies in an M&A context, corporate reorganization, succession and estate planning, and income tax planning services. He works with every client to ensure their goals are met and the implementation is seamlessly completed.

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An individual has been operating a business out of a detached house for several years. The property used to be a home, but has been used exclusively for business since they started the business. Would this property be considered a residential property?


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  • How many questions can I ask?

    Each purchase enables you to ask one question which will be answered by a member of our expert panel. You may submit an additional question with each purchase.

  • What if my question has already been asked?

    After purchasing access to the UHT Q&A library you will be able to see all of the questions that have been asked. If your question has already been answered, great! You will have immediate access to the answer as well as the option to ask a new question.

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    We're aiming to record the answer to your question within three business days. Once the video reply has been uploaded you will receive an email notification.

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    We ask that you submit your question within one week of accessing the database. If more time is needed, please let us know.

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    Yes - the question and answer will be shared. Personal information such as your name or email will not be shared.

  • How will I be notified when my question has been answered?

    You will receive an email notification from our team that the video reply is available in the Q&A library.

  • If the legislation changes or CRA provides new updates, will I get a new response to my question?

    It's common for legislation to change or for CRA to offer a new perspective. If you are looking for an updated reply to an existing question, a new question would need to be submitted.

  • How can I obtain a legal opinion on my situation?

    To request a legal opinion, you may contact Moodys using the following links: https://moodysprivateclient.com/request-a-consultation/

UHT Filing Extension

CRA has announced the deadline to file has been extended from April 30, 2023 to October 31, 2023

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