On April 7th, the Federal Government presented the 2022 Federal budget which contained numerous tax changes impacting both individuals and corporations. This was shortly followed by the introduction of Bill C-19 which provided legislation for some elements of the 2022 Budget and previously announced tax measures. This session will focus on understanding the elements introduced in the 2022 Federal budget, Bill C-19, key changes in provincial budgets, and planning considerations for individuals and businesses in light of the tax changes.

  • Taxable capital and the Small Business Deduction

  • Substantive CCPCs

  • Modifications to the FAPI regime

  • Residential property flipping rules

  • New minimum tax regime

  • First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

  • New tax credits/deductions and other amendments

  • Proposal for expanded reporting requirements for trusts

  • Excessive Interest and Financing Expenses Limitation

  • Proposal for mandatory disclosure rules

Also Included

  • FAQ

    The live session will be followed by a Q&A period for attendees

  • Evergreen Webinar

    A complete recording of the session will be available

  • Professional Development

    Individuals that complete the quiz will receive a 1-hour PD certificate